“Grief comes in waves and today I’m drowning”

“Grief comes in waves and today I’m drowning”

Today is another bad day. It just came up out of nowhere at work and grabbed me and won’t let go. Took everything I had to finish my shift. I wanted to curl up in the smallest ball in the darkest, furthest corner and cry. My heart aches for Gemma like it just happened. One of those days where I just want to be with my daughter. I want my heart back. Feels like its been torn from my chest and crushed into a million pieces leaving me feeling empty. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and just relive the time I had with her over and over again. I’m not quite sure how I’ve been holding it together for this long, but it all came at me and is crippling. I want the pain to stop, I want the ache in my heart to stop, but it never will. Not as long as I love Gemma. This is my new life and I hate it. I don’t want it. I want my daughter back.


I miss her sweet little feeties 

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